Using an alternative to traditional real estate financing without the expense of hard money loans, may seem like an unattainable solution, but we have successfully found traditional financing for our clients. Even with issues such as previous bankruptcy, low credit scores, foreign nationals, light liquidity, vacant properties, and needs for bridge financing, The Liquidity Source can work with you to get the optimal financing solution. The key is to have “real estate collateral” that is in “move-in” condition.  This allows for clients to borrow up to 50% of the appraised value. 


Because bankruptcy indicates very high credit risk for lenders, it may be difficult or even impossible to obtain new credit for months or even years after filing. If you are in a situation where you are unable to attain financing due to a previous bankruptcy, The Liquidity Source will work to find an alternative financing solution that suits your needs. The needed collateral is real estate with livable conditions, this can help get up to 50% appraised value from a traditional banking facility.

Traditional real estate financing with bad credit


Whether you need money to finance a commercial real estate purchase or cover construction, or business expenses , it’s possible to do so with bad credit. Specifically, we work with lenders who can find solutions for our clients with bad credit that have less stringent credit requirements or are able to use real estate assets as collateral. These assets must be real estate with livable “move-in” conditions to get as much as 50% of appraised value. 


Foreign nationals have a very difficult time getting financing from banks in the United States. There are many reasons for this. The main reason is that the borrower’s assets may rest in other countries and the banks cannot get their hands on the collateral when there is an unlikely default in place.The Liquidity Source can assist with the financing process and make sure that all the steps to finance a property here in the U.S. are taken care of. We create a customized experience for each client, making sure that you get the financing that works for your particular situation. What is needed is a real estate asset that is in move in condition with a 50% appraised value.  There are also banks that can fund even the most intricate foreign investing situations that are in need of bank funding not “hard money loans”, which are very expensive with additional pts. needed to close. 



What is the definition of light liquidity? Why is this important to banks when looking for a loan? The reason is pretty simple. If the borrower has enough money in bank accounts, saving accounts, stock market, CD accounts etc. and they lose a tenant or the property is loosing money for any reason, the bank can truly see the ability of the borrower staying afloat and making these needed payments and relieving the bank of a possible default. At The Liquidity Source we have traditional banks that will lend on real estate up to 50% percent of appraised value. This will eliminate the need for hard money loans. 

Traditional real estate financing for vacant properties with no cash flow. This vacant apartment building is pink brick with deep teal doors and window frames.


Banks have an issue in general financing properties with no cash flow. It shows the ability that the asset cannot support the loan as well as the expenses including taxes, insurance, water and sewer, and all additional expenses to run this property. The Liquidity Source can get traditional financing on real estate property up to 50% appraised value as long as the property is livable condition. This will provide the needed financing without the need to go to a hard money loan with pt. to close.


Property owners are at times in need of bridge financing. They may have counted on a sale running late to use the funds toward the purchase of new property.  They may have an asset coming due and additional funds coming but with those funds arriving late they need a bridge loan on a short term basis to cover the debt. These funds typically come from a hard money lender which is quite expensive. The Liquidity Source has banks that can finance these properties or use these properties as collateral up to 50% of appraised value.  If you own these types of properties there are available funds and you will not have to pay “hard money” loan prices. 


Some investors own several properties and at times need to use them as collateral in making a loan from a bank. Most banks do not do well with these portfolio loans. The Liquidity Source has the funding opportunities from traditional banks. The owner of these properties do not need to borrow “hard money” but rather reach out to us to get traditional real estate financing up to 50% appraised value. Contact us and see how! 

You don’t need to jump through hoops yourself to get the financing you need. Our team is dedicated to finding the customized solution for you to achieve your goals, send us a message today!

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