The Liquidity Source specializes in real estate funding, handling everything from construction to perm, to purchase and refinance. 

Real Estate Funding, Real estate spelled out in scrabble pieces.

The Liquidity Source prides itself on finding client-personalized funding solutions. Working as a trusted advisor and consultant to companies, seeking out the perfect funding solution for each individual client. We review client needs then underwrite the deal as if we were the bank. We target the best banks and work with our clients through the entire closing process. 

COVID-19 and the Strain On Banking

Recently COVID-19 has interrupted business as usual in the banking industry. With the crisis unfolding, our government has been investing trillions of dollars into the economy for industry bailouts and individual assistance as well. This weighs heavily on most of the banking system resulting in untold stress as they are the ones assisting businesses and individuals with their loans. New real estate financing has become more difficult due to the stress on the banks themselves due to COVID-19.

Three current examples of stress on the banking system:

  1. Banks are getting bogged down with commercial clients requesting deferrals on loans as a result of non-payments from their tenants. As a direct result, landlords are now seeking relief.
  1. While banks are busy helping their clients with PPP/SBA and Care loans from the government new business has been put on hold. As a result, banks temporarily cannot work on securing new financing for clients with new deals that must close or mortgages that are coming to an end. 
  1. Some loan officers say they are just too busy to consider new deals. These loan officers only have time to take care of their existing clients, and cannot consider new potential customers. 

How has the stress on the banking system affected you? 


The Liquidity Source is Ready For You

If any of these statements resonate with you, and you are also in need of an institution to fund your property it may be time to have a conversation with us. Whether it is is a purchase, refinance, or any financing on property, we can help. 

The Liquidity Source is here to help resolve any issues you may have and/or offer advice regarding real estate funding. Call or email us for a free consultation. We are available to connect via conference call, video conference, or an individual call at your convenience.

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