The Liquidity Source Competitive Advantage

Our process focuses on your needs above all else to help you realize your financing objectives.

Our services start with a plan. We gather all the financial information needed, the specifics of the property, cash flow and net operating income, checking the leases and expirations and determining a value to see if it matches what the client is looking for in their financing objectives. After sitting with the client to understand his or her needs we can start the “shopping” of finding the bank most suitable for the financing objectives.

Get personalized plans and objectives to get the results you want:

This process is not a one size fits all routine. It is a specialty operation to study what you have and how to find the solution to fulfill your needs. By going thru the process we uncover your objectives, by going thru the financials we understand the potential performance, by going to shop the banks we find the best source for the answers.

Smart Commercial Financing that puts you in the driver’s seat

Our services has helped a vast amount of clients with their commercial finance needs. We have taken them through a very complicated process that has only grown with all the regulations today. By holding the hand of the client thru the closing process we can review everything being sent to the banking institution making sure that the “presentation” meets the banks expectation. This is extremely important as we “vet” the process of all deals.

Our loan packaging help you close faster

Today with all the regulations and the ability of banks to review everything on their to-do list is at best a complicated matter. The fact that we pre-approve or “vet’ the process is extremely helpful with the turnaround times. We know what the bank needs to see and we can forward this in an expeditious way if the client is on board. We know the presentation that is important so we can review everything as we move forward in the process. We are not going to commit that the turnaround process is “fast” but we are going to say that by using people as competent in the process as The Liquidity Source that we can perform at a much better turnaround time than by any client venturing out by themselves as we are expeditious by nature.

Your Full Commercial Real Estate Financing Solution:

By using our services you can have a high expectation of getting the best solution to your financing needs. We have a core competency in finance. We know what the banks are looking for and pre-vet our deals. We meet with the client to understand their needs as well as their wish list. Studying all the financials and the net operating income of the property, leases etc. puts us in a “high ground” to determine what can be done to meet the client’s goals. To that extent, we have the financial solution in hand and shop for the right banking facility to engage and make the best deal with for the client.

Multiple Industries

The Liquidity Source works with businesses in all industries — the entire real estate arena, professional services firms, retail businesses, manufacturing and businesses in the commercial space. The industry is never an issue, as we can adapt to the needs of our clients.

Secure Financing

The Liquidity Source’s services best benefit businesses with financing needs between $500,000 and $20 million. Our business is to get our clients the financing they need. And because the financials are the foundation of the application process of banks, we tailor your application to appeal to their model. We can successfully secure financing if the business model is sensible, and we can deliver the funds our clients need to succeed.

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