Creative Financing Solutions Focused on Commercial Real Estate

The Liquidity Source will help you close your deals using a seamless and streamlined process. We help our clients find a customized financial solution built to fill their needs. TLS finds ways to enhance their cash flow ability as we make the closing process as seamless as possible.

The Liquidity Source offers a full suite of commercial real estate financing solutions to cover all your needs, including:

Real Estate Acquisition

Re-financing of properties

Construction financing

Working capital using the real estate as the collateral

We can help you obtain financing for the following types of loans:

Commercial Finance/Refinance

Construction Loans

Bridge Loans

Collateral Loans

Account Receivable Financing

Term Loans

Acquisition Loans

Working Capital Loans

Machinery and Equipment Financing

Business evaluation, financial analysis, and strategic planning.

To ensure that you can obtain funding we help you to clearly articulate your financial position, present your goals and your needs and your ability to manage cash flow so that you can satisfy the needs of the funding institution.

Funding source identification.

Because The Liquidity Source is not limited by affiliations, we are able to present your loan to a variety of possible funding sources. We have contacts at a number of traditional and non traditional lending institutions, including regional and nationwide banks.

Loan packaging and bank presentations

Securing financing has significant challenges in today’s market. Effectively presenting your financial plan and most important the presentation is critical to your success. You need a clearly defined strategy to show the bank your financial goals. The Liquidity Source will work and help develop a comprehensive plan that will be receptive to the bank we are entertaining in order to accomplish the needed funding.

Negotiation and closure

Even now, there is a competitive marketplace for obtaining financing. The challenge is knowing who the players are and how to work with them effectively and efficiently. The Liquidity Source is highly skilled at negotiating and closing deals that are favorable to our clients.

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